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Recognizing The Full Benefits Of A Reverse Mortgage

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Loans come in different sizes, and carry different terms. While one might be the perfect fit for your financial needs, many others will be ill suited to your circumstances and plans. Homeowners who are 62 and older are eligible for a type of loan known as a reverse mortgage. Recent changes in Texas law mean… Read more »

Selecting A Reverse Mortgage That Suits You

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People build their savings in different ways. One way to grow your net worth over time is to become a homeowner, something that provides you stability and a place to call your own along with the opportunity to grow your equity. For qualifying homeowners ages 62 and older, the equity built up through the years… Read more »

A Reverse Mortgage Offers More Retirement Security

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People look at their retirement in different ways, and that can affect the kind of work they need to put into preparing for life after work. Some will need to set more aside to create a travel budget, while others may have hobbies that require their own funding. Even a person who feels their plans… Read more »

Useful Information On Reverse Mortgages

happy senior couple reverse mortgage concept

As a homeowner, your residence provides more than just shelter—paying off your mortgage allows you to build equity. You can use that equity in different ways, which can prove key for financial matters like investing and retirement planning. One way to do so is to take out a reverse mortgage. People who qualify can use… Read more »

Should I Seek A Reverse Mortgage In 2023?

The start of the new year can open you up to many new opportunities. It is also a great time to set important goals for yourself. Those Texas homeowners who turn 62 this year will become eligible for a reverse mortgage. If this group includes you, pursuing this type of loan is an exciting opportunity… Read more »

A Reverse Mortgage And Your Financial Goals

Homeowners who are at least 62 years old can potentially receive significant financial assistance from a reverse mortgage. At this stage in life, many people will be thinking about what they need to do to have a secure and enjoyable retirement. You can certainly look to your reverse mortgage to help with this, but the… Read more »

Qualifying For A Reverse Mortgage

When homeowners turn 62, they pass the age requirement to receive a reverse mortgage. Does this mean that anyone whose name is attached to a property automatically qualifies for this kind of loan? There are additional requirements that you should know. Aside from the need for everyone whose name is on your property title to… Read more »

Home Equity And Your Retirement Plans

As your intended retirement date nears, it can be reassuring to know that you have as much—or more—set aside to fund the life you want to live after you finish working. For many Texas homeowners aged sixty-two and older, a reverse mortgage can help ensure that money is available for a dream retirement! This kind… Read more »

How A Reverse Mortgage Is Paid To You

The questions people have about reverse mortgages can range from matters of how to qualify to concerns about what an agreement really involves. As you look into the process, you can find that this is a kind of loan that lets you turn your home equity into something you can spend as you see fit…. Read more »

The Terms Of Your Reverse Mortgage

When it comes to reverse mortgages, different homeowners are eligible for different sums. The amount that you receive will depend on your current equity, the appraisal of your home, and on the current interest rates. It may not surprise you that these different factors will affect how much you are offered by a lender. What… Read more »