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Myths Surrounding Reverse Mortgages

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As more and more seniors turn to HECM loans to have more control over their retirement accounts, there has been more discussion about them in the broader public. This also means that there are more misconceptions about them, and some of these can be difficult to dispel. In order to make the decision that is… Read more »

HECM Loans: A More Flexible Retirement

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Many seniors have a significant portion of their net worth tied up in their home. While there are definitely advantages to this approach, it also means that you cannot move your money around as easily as with other investments. If you have reached the age of 62, however, you have another tool at your disposal… Read more »

A Reverse Mortgage Helps You Have More Control Of Your Money

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If you are like many seniors, then a big part of your net worth is tied up in real estate. Unfortunately, for most people, this real estate is their home! When you want to have more control of your finances, talk to a team of trusted financial advisors about whether a reverse mortgage is right… Read more »

Buying A Second Home With A HECM Loan

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When you reach the age of 62, more possibilities become available to you, including an FHA-backed HECM loan. This is commonly called a reverse mortgage, and it can help you by converting your existing home equity into cash. Unlike traditional home loans, you do not have to pay these off on a standard schedule. Instead,… Read more »

HECM Loans And Retirement Flexibility

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When you own your home, you have a powerful financial tool at your disposal. For seniors who have reached the age of 62, you have the opportunity to convert your home equity into liquid capital for a variety of uses. This money can help you to increase your retirement savings or even purchase a second… Read more »

Convert Your Home Equity To Capital With A Reverse Mortgage

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After you stop working, you still may want to see a financial boost in order to do the things that you love. If you have been searching for a way to increase your retirement portfolio, talk to your team of financial advisors about your options. One choice gives you the opportunity to convert your existing… Read more »

Financing A Second Home With A Reverse Mortgage

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As a retiree, you may be in the market for a second home, either for personal use or to rent to tenants. In these circumstances, it can be helpful to speak with a trusted financial advisor in North Texas about your options, including an FHA-backed form of reverse mortgage known as a HECM loan. These… Read more »

Learn More About Reverse Mortgages

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If you have been looking for a way to increase your retirement portfolio, you might have heard about reverse mortgages. These are loans that are available to seniors at the age of 62 and older, and they include FHA-backed HECM loans. Reverse mortgages can be a beneficial financial tool for people who own their own… Read more »