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Converting Home Equity With An HECM Loan

converting home equity frisco tx

For many seniors, their primary asset is their home; while this has historically been a solid and stable investment, it can also mean limitations when you want to use your capital for a new investment such as another property or to use for your retirement. That’s why reverse mortgages were designed, helping those who have… Read more »

Myths And Misconceptions About HECM Loans

myths and misconceptions frisco tx

For many families in North Texas, their net worth is housed in their housing. While there are some benefits to this approach, it also means that these families are unable to access that capital when they need to make improvements around the home or make an important investment. For those who have reached the age… Read more »

Reverse Mortgages And A More Flexible Retirement

reverse mortgages frisco tx

If you are like many in North Texas, then a substantial portion of your net worth is housed in your housing. While this has generally been viewed historically as a safe and stable way to grow your money, it means that it is a little harder to access your capital when you really need it…. Read more »

Aging In Place With A HECM Loan

aging in place frisco tx

One of the more popular concepts in retirement these days is known as aging in place, and it seeks to maximize your experience after working by remaining in your home for as long as possible. This differs from an approach where you move to a residential retirement facility, which while having its own set of… Read more »

Family Friendly Weekend Picks In Dallas

Looking for something to do this weekend? Well, know that you can always rely on your local team at Family Home Loan Texas to keep an eye on our community. The weather is perfect right now, so grab your shades and head out to one of these awesome family-friendly weekend picks in Dallas and beyond…. Read more »

HECM Loans Convert Home Equity

convert home equity frisco tx

For many seniors, net worth is housed in housing. This has always been seen as a stable place to grow your money, and for the most part, it is one of the most secure ways to keep your investment safe. And since it has the added benefit of being your home, personal real estate is… Read more »

Enjoy Your Retirement With A HECM Loan

enjoy your retirement frisco tx

If you are like many retirees in North Texas, then a significant amount of your net worth is housed in your house. This has historically been a stable and secure way of growing money, but it can mean that you do not have access to your funds when you need them. Many seniors are turning… Read more »

Retire On Your Own Terms With A HECM Loan

retire on your own terms frisco tx

Are you looking for a way to do more with your money? For many families in North Texas, that can mean researching into your options in a reverse mortgage. This non-recourse loan helps you to convert your current home’s equity into capital that you can use for a variety of purposes, and they are rapidly… Read more »

Have Some Metroplex Fun This Weekend

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The weather outside is absolutely gorgeous, and it is time for people in North Texas to head outside for some fun. If you have been thinking about your plans for this weekend and keep coming up short, take a look at some of the most fun events going on. There are a ton of great… Read more »

Convert Your Home Equity With A HECM Loan

convert your home equity dallas tx

If you are like many families here in the Metroplex, then you have a significant portion of your money tied up in your home. This can be a stable way to grow capital, but it also means that you cannot simply access it whenever you need to. For people who have reached the age of… Read more »