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Metroplex Events For Seniors This Weekend!

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With the summer now in full swing, it can be difficult to find the right event. If you are looking for something fun to do this weekend in the Metroplex, your helpful neighborhood financial advisors have some ideas to keep you cool while still enjoying your time off. Have a fun weekend while beating the… Read more »

Use Your Home Equity To Your Advantage

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For many seniors, financial flexibility is something that is important to them. If you have been searching for a way to increase your retirement portfolio, a HECM loan may be the right choice for you. These loans are commonly referred to as reverse mortgages, and you might have heard a little bit about them over… Read more »

HECM Loans Give Seniors Financial Flexibility

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If you are age 62 or older, you may have heard about the possibilities associated with a reverse mortgage. While there have been some myths and misconceptions about how these loans operate, they can provide serious financial relief for those looking to increase their retirement portfolio. When you are looking to do more with your… Read more »

The Flexibility Of A Reverse Mortgage

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A reverse mortgage is something many homeowners seek out when they want to make sure they have everything they need to retire comfortably. Does this mean that the loan is only intended to help people transition away from work? You should know that you have real freedom when it comes to the money you gain… Read more »

A Reverse Mortgage Protects Against Surprise Expenses

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When it comes to your retirement, you should put time and effort into planning when to leave the working world and determining how much you will need saved in order to do so. Unfortunately, even with careful planning, many retirees will have at least one significant, unanticipated cost to address. In some cases, the amount… Read more »

Home Ownership And Your Reverse Mortgage

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Homeowners enjoy greater control over their living space than renters, which can help them establish it as a place where they feel truly comfortable. Over the years, you may have introduced several changes by repainting, changing your flooring, and even remodeling. Letting go of your space and the work you put into it can be… Read more »

Reverse Mortgage Information You May Have Missed

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Because they only have limited information—or they have the wrong information—some eligible homeowners never pursue a reverse mortgage. What can you lose by not looking at the benefits of this kind of loan? Many people who near retirement age start to wonder if they really have enough to support their post-work plans. Others may discover… Read more »

Recognizing The Full Benefits Of A Reverse Mortgage

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Loans come in different sizes, and carry different terms. While one might be the perfect fit for your financial needs, many others will be ill suited to your circumstances and plans. Homeowners who are 62 and older are eligible for a type of loan known as a reverse mortgage. Recent changes in Texas law mean… Read more »

Selecting A Reverse Mortgage That Suits You

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People build their savings in different ways. One way to grow your net worth over time is to become a homeowner, something that provides you stability and a place to call your own along with the opportunity to grow your equity. For qualifying homeowners ages 62 and older, the equity built up through the years… Read more »

A Reverse Mortgage Offers More Retirement Security

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People look at their retirement in different ways, and that can affect the kind of work they need to put into preparing for life after work. Some will need to set more aside to create a travel budget, while others may have hobbies that require their own funding. Even a person who feels their plans… Read more »